Director’s Cut

Fittingly named the ‘Director’s Cut’, the menu is inspired by the greatest film directors of all time and their passion for storytelling. With a concoction for every taste, guests are invited to embark on a sensory journey and use imagination to create their own story while at the highest hotel bar in Western Europe.

A total of 16 cocktails and four mocktails span five themed categories – Adventure/Fantasy; Romantic/Sci-Fi; Thriller/Drama; Crime/Action and Animation/Superhero.  The Adventure/Fantasy category features light and refreshing cocktails, whereas Romantic/Sci-Fi explores drinks with fruity notes, flora and spices. Opposites attract in the Thriller/Drama section where sweet meets sour, while the creations are punchy and full of character in the Crime/Action category. The list closes with the Animation/Superhero section, which features herbal and earthy non-alcoholic flavours.

Mirroring the creativity and craft required to produce a film, each cocktail has its own unique method of invention; from the brewing of pineapple and coriander with cold coffee, to infusing a New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc with pine needles and honey.

See the menu: GONG Bar cocktail menu ‘Director’s Cut’


This is a sample menu.