Shangri-la Hotel, At The Shard, London,


Available 12pm to 10.30pm

(Friday & Saturday to 11.30pm)


Maki Rolls

Cucumber & avocado roll £14

Tuna & cucumber topped with spicy tuna £15

Salmon & avocado topped with salmon tartar £15

California roll (Norfolk crab, avocado & cucumber) £18

Mix Veg Futomaki £18

Tempura prawn roll with spicy mayo, sweet soya and shallot  £22


Sharing Plates

Asian Sharing plate £32
2x tempura prawn, 2x sashimi ,2x veg gyoza and 2x chef choice maki 
(1, 2, 3, 7, 8, 9, 11, 12, 13,14)

Sashimi plate £45
Salmon, Tuna & Hamachi (9pieces)


Tacos (3 pieces)


Salmon tartare (guacamole & veg pickles) £20

Beef Tartare with pickled jalapeno and crispy shallot £22 



Small Plates


Vegetable gyoza, ginger & soy (5 pieces) £15

Chicken gyoza, ginger & soy (5 pieces) £17.5

Chicken Satay £22

Peanut sauce and cucumber salsa


Spiced Nori, salt and pepper Squid with sweet chill mayo £18


Beef Tataki with truffle ponzu and pickle radish £22

Prawn tempura with sweet chill mayo £22


Bento Boxes

(Available from 12pm to 8pm)

Veg Tempura £26

Seasoning veg tempura, 2x pieces of maki roll, rice, 

edamame pods with black bean sauce and mixed seasonal berries


Salmon £30

Salmon Katsu, 2x pieces of maki roll, rice,

edamame with black bean sauce and mixed seasonal berries


Meat £32
Grilled Katsu curry, chicken gyoza, rice,

edamame pods with black bean sauce and mixed seasonal berries




Plain or chilli edamame pods £6.5

Edamame pods with black bean sauce £10


French fries with truffle mayo, parmesan shavings £15


All prices are inclusive of 5% VAT on food and 20% on drinks. A discretionary 12.5% service charge will be added to your bill. The following dishes are suitable for: (V) Vegetarians. The following dishes contain: (P) Pork, (A) Alcohol, (1) Nuts, (2) Peanuts or products, (3) Gluten, (4) Crustaceans, (5) Molluscs, (6) Egg or products, (7) Fish or products, (8) Soybeans or products (9) Milk or products, (10) Celery or products, (11) Mustard or products, (12) Sesame seeds or products, (13) Sulphur dioxide or products, (14) Lupin