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Tropical Oasis 

Canaïma & Diplomático Pop-Up

This summer’s hottest pop-up is here! GŎNG have partnered with Canaïma and Diplomático to bring a ‘Tropical Oasis’ vibe to London’s highest Sky Pool bar.

Sit back and enjoy masterfully curated cocktails using Canaïma; a unique Venezuelan gin with a blend of rare botanicals hand-picked by native tribes.

Canaïma gin boasts a complex and exotic taste. 


Or try our cocktails using Diplomático rum; bringing rich texture and delicious sweetness, the perfect characteristics of Venezuela due to it’s tropical climate and type of sugarcane.

Each cocktail has been curated by one of our five talented mixologists. They’d love to hear your feedback, so don’t forget to tag us on social @gong_bar.

Open daily from 7pm until Midnight. Swimming in the pool is not permitted at this time.