Welcome to GŎNG Bar

Experience the highest hotel bar in Europe, bringing unparalleled elegance to the city’s social scene. Elevated on Level 52, this is the perfect place for sunset cocktails and late-night drinks, featuring the dramatic backdrop of London’s skyline, with views to the west, north and east. The bar offers three distinct areas: the cocktail bar, the Champagne bar and the Sky Pool. The name GŎNG derives from ‘dougong’, a traditional Chinese architectural element of interlocking wooden brackets, featured in the bar’s distinctive design.


Our Cocktails

Our new cocktail menu, A Miscellany of Inventions, was inspired and informed by great ideas. By the ingenious inventions and incredible innovations that have impacted society and shaped our world, each drink is our unique creation, in a wondrously shaped receptacle. So investigate, explore and experiment.


Chopper 52

Modern interpretation of the Bloody Mary martini, with complex herbal notes.

In 1939 in Connecticut, USA, Igor Sikorsky designed the VS-300, which changed our skies forever. His prototype took off in 1940 - vertically!

Ingredients: Vka Vodka, Tomato Water, Erba Cedrina, Salty Citrus, Rosemary

Look No Hands

Very robust aperitif, with long bitter notes and candied orange

The first person to 'get on their bike' was Karl Von Drais in 1817 with his self-designed two-wheeled vehicle. However it had no pedals. Decades later, Scotsman Kirkpatrick Macmillan changed all that with his pedal bicycle innovation, which propelled him into the history books.

Ingredients: Copper Dog Whisky, Gagliardo Triple Sec, IPA Reduction, Branca Menta

The Cure

A complex sweet and sour drink, with smoky notes and a liquorice finish

Fleming discovered Penicillin after leaving a laboratory petri dish out before a two-week holiday. He returned to a very mouldy dish, from which the first antibiotic was created. Sometimes not doing the washing-up has its benefits.

Ingredients: Monkey 47, Liquorice Liqueur, Citrus, Salty Timur, Kamm & Sons Apertif, Maple