Welcome to GŎNG Bar

Experience the highest hotel bar in Europe, bringing unparalleled elegance to the city’s social scene. Elevated on Level 52, this is the perfect place for sunset cocktails and late-night drinks, featuring the dramatic backdrop of London’s skyline, with views to the west, north and east. The bar offers three distinct areas: the cocktail bar, the Champagne bar and the Sky Pool. The name GŎNG derives from ‘dougong’, a traditional Chinese architectural element of interlocking wooden brackets, featured in the bar’s distinctive design.


A Menu of Interlocking Ingredients

GONG is pleased to present a menu inspired by simplicity and sustainability, with the ingredients at the heart of each concoction. A nod to our Asian heritage and namesake, the interlocking menu was born of the concept of the Dougong, interlocking wooden brackets integral to traditional Chinese architecture. Each cocktail offered on this menu is one half of a pair, connected or 'interlocked' to another by one shared ingredient.

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Agave and Chocolate

Bitter / Aperitif / Rocks

Ocho Tequila

Illegal Mezcal

Cocoa Nibs Campari

Cocchi di Torino Vermouth


Chocolate Bitters

Chocolate and Eucalyptus

Herbal / Digestif / Martini

Eucalyptus Tanqueray Gin

Campari Creme de Cacao Blanc

Coconut Split Milk

Citric Acid

The Pop ArTEA

Inject some colour in to your day with our new Pop Art inspired Afternoon Tea. Indulge in the classic British favourites such as cucumber, mature cheddar & pink pepper finger sandwiches and warm scones with clotted cream and jam, before showing your CreativiTEA and painting your own piece of edible art to enjoy alongside our psychedelic sweet treats.

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